Climate Change Documentary: Before The Flood (2016)

Award-winning actor and film producer, Leonardo DiCaprio, recently debuted his latest climate advocacy project, Before The Flood, on the National Geographic Channel and several online platforms for the world to see. The documentary, which was part of a three-year venture with film maker Fisher Stevens, follows DiCaprio’s more-than-a-decade support for the climate movement and presents an informative timeline on the issues at hand.

In his interviews with world leaders, scientists, academics, and entrepreneurs, DiCaprio asks – and in some cases, is even put on the spotlight – very serious questions about how we will address the global challenge of climate change and its effects:

  • What is going on as far as prevention is concerned?
  • Why do you think there is such opposition about the [climate] science?
  • Who will invest in renewables?
  • What are some of the things that I can do as an individual?

The timing of these discussions is an important one too. This past Friday marked a monumental point in international law as the Paris Agreement, or new climate accord, entered into force just ahead of this year’s climate talks in Marrakesh (COP 22).

“The questions is: Can we change our course in time? Now, if this was a movie we could write the ending of this script and we could figure a way out of this mess. But real life doesn’t work like that. And we can’t pretend that we know how this is going to end. The only thing that we can do is control what we do next.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

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