SDG Academy Launches its 2017 Spring Semester

What is the SDG Academy?

The SDG Academy is the flagship education initiative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It’s a virtual platform that provides high-quality online courses on sustainable development free of cost to all. Its global faculty comprises leading experts from around the world who believe in the power of sharing knowledge to improve the lives of everyone.

When will courses become available?

SDG Academy’s Spring Semester will run from February – June 2017. Full calendar of dates to be released soon!

What courses are available this semester?

Six courses will be offered over the next 6 months. Three new courses on early childhood development, sustainable agriculture, and climate solutions will be launched, as well as a re-launch of student favorites on topics such as natural resource governance, sustainable cities and oceans.

Value of SDG Academy courses

In the spirit of promoting inclusiveness and access to education for all (SDG 4), SDG Academy’s classes are in the format of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and free to anyone with internet access. For many young people and practitioners alike, having such access to specialized courses on sustainable development is a way to build on existing skills while filling in gaps in learning.

As highlighted in the recent Youth Solutions Report, young people hold a special potential though their active contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. By participating in SDG Academy’s “Meet our Leaders Series“, students have the added opportunity to engage with SDSN experts across a wide range of fields and enhance their knowledge in those areas.

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