#SustainiaLiving Twitter Chat

Earlier this week, Scandinavian think tank, Sustainia, and climate NGO, The Climate Reality Project (founded by former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore), hosted a #SustainiaLiving Twitter chat to examine some of our everyday choices and how they affect our creation of a more sustainable future.

As part of my SDSN Youth Twitter take over, I joined in on the conversation and shared a few examples from our recently launched Youth Solutions Report. From climate-smart agriculture to solutions addressing food waste, we hope to continue showing how young people are actively working to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality!

A recap of the conversation is available here.

What is Sustainia Living?

Your choice is our future. These five words encapsulate the challenges and opportunities we all face right now. Sustainia has created the global initiative Sustainia Living to demonstrate and communicate that the Sustainable Development Goals are not just lofty aspirations, but also within reach. By putting a human face on the SDGs, we show how the 17 goals resonate individually with all of us through the everyday lifestyle choices we make, and how our choices in turn drive innovation for a sustainable future.